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There are many pie-in-the-sky energy solutions that are some day some how, but with millions of dollars in investment they are still impractical and out of the reach of the average middle class citizen.

Liberty has REAL SOLUTIONS TODAY for every day people that work every day!

Electric Bikes are fun, energy efficient, and a great way to save on the wear and tear of your gasoline powered car. Imagine commuting to work for five cents a day. Many of our customers do exactly that!

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Tires in landfills are an environmental hazard. We have the solution that can turn tires to oil. Yes, tires and plastics have oil in them and we have a proven system with hundreds of units installed around the world to take advantage of taking the oil back out of tires rather than filling landfills.

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We have been authorized to spearhead the expansion of Ambit Energy as the most respect name in the retail energy field.



  1. 1.We help people save money on their electric and/or natural gas (Usually 7-25% off the incumbent price!)  and WE EVEN OFFER YOU THE POTENTIAL TO GET FREE ENERGY!
  2. 2.We help people make money, potentially $1000’s/month by simply referring others to this cost savings in the residential and light commercial energy field.

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Most solar options are expensive and difficult to maintain. That’s why we came up with the idea of our solar heat purlins. Cost effective, and easy to install and maintain. Click on the picture to the left to see our patent pending solar heat options!

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